Rhiannon Anderson


Member of the American Academy of Wedding Professionals (AAWP)

I began working in the mobile entertainment industry in 2017. I was recruited by High Fidelity Entertainment owner Craig Brown to be an apprentice DJ where he took me on and shared his 37 years of knowledge being a DJ. I have found my niche as a wedding and school DJ.  

When I began taking on more weddings to DJ, I realized I found a passion in the planning process of weddings. Understanding the connection of the entertainment to the planning is so important and so frequently over looked. When I put my skills as a DJ and coordinator together, your event is sure to be one to remember!


I grew up with a love of dance and performance. That grew into my love of fitness. I have accomplished many things that I never thought I could. In 2017 I qualified for my 1st Boston marathon. I ran the Boston Marathon in 2018 and 2019. Something I never thought possible. Over the years of having my (4) kids, I struggled with my weight. After each child, I progressively put on more and more weight during post partum. With my last child I became the heaviest I had ever been. Determined to not let my health fade and not be able to exercise anymore I took control over my life. I had the training and the skills to get my life and body back, so i did it. Yes, it was difficult, but it was worth it. I want to share successful feeling with you! Today, I still run but no more marathons (for now). I have found my love in Spartan races which is why I became a Spartan SGX Coach. I love teaching group fitness classes and watching my participants change their lives and find the love of being healthy. Being active is my lifestyle. I live what I preach.

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